These Terms of Service (“Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Go Local LLC (“Go Local” as defined below) governing your access to and use of the Go Local website including GoLocal.cc, including any subdomains thereof, and any other websites through which Go Local makes the Go Local Services available (collectively, “Site”), our mobile, tablet and other smart device applications, and application program interfaces (collectively, “Application”) and all associated services (collectively, “Go Local Services”). The Site, Application and Go Local Services together are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Go Local Platform”. Additional Terms and other Policies from Go Local, our our partners/hosts applicable to your use of the Go Local Platform are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement

I hereby agree to the following:

  1.  In consideration for the right to participate in this activity, participants and parents or legal guardians of participants who are under the age of 18 (collectively “Participants”) understand that they and/or their child (children) are attending the programs and using the facilities do so at their own risks.
  2. As the parent or legal guardian of the child (children) named in the ticket purchase for the activity, I hereby give my full consent and approval for my child (children) to participate in the designated activity.
  3. Participants assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur during activities on or about the premises. In addition, Participants agree to indemnify Go Local and all associated facilities, and do hereby fully and forever release discharged hold harmless, their owners, employees, representatives, organizers and agents for any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from injuries, property loss or damage suffered by Participants or others as a result of Participants participation in any programs or use of the facility incidental thereto, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.
  4. Participants understand that there are inherent risks in this activity, as well as in traveling and other related activities incidental to participation, and that training and conditioning are necessary. Participants agree to assume those risks on behalf of themselves and/or their child (children).
  5. Participants are responsible for their own insurance. Go Local does not provide medical insurance coverage for Participants.
  6. EYE PROTECTION. In consideration of the right to participate in volleyball activities while wearing EYE WEAR (to include, but not limited to eye glasses and goggles); Participants understand that the wearing of EYE WEAR during volleyball activities creates inherent risks to both themselves and other players.
  7. Participants agree to follow the rules of conduct and play set by Go Local and the facility owner(s). Failure to do so may result in suspension from participation.
  8. Participants hereby grant authority to the staff on premise to render a judgement concerning medical assistance or hospital care during the activity in the event of an accident or illness.
  9. Participants hereby certify that they and/or their child (children) are fully capable of participating in the designated activities and that they are healthy and have no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities, except as notated during the purchase of the ticket for the event.
  10. Participants authorize Go Local and its assigns to utilize any and all photographs, pictures, videos or other likeness of Participants or anyone assigned guardianship to Participants, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials or films.

Additional Terms and Policies

NHCC Campus Expectations

NHCC Waiver

Updated on: April 19, 2018.

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