Go Local Volleyball Tournament

Big Hero 6 VS Zero Lucks Given

Big Hero 6 VS Zero Lucks Given

Go Local Volleyball Tournament

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, help raise money for charity and grow our volleyball community. You can form teams with your friends and family. Let’s have a ball!

Thank you everyone for creating an amazing and fun tournament! That was so much fun! Shout outs to GloryBee and Hop Valley for donating prizes. Congratulations to Big Hero 6, Rebels and Green with Envy for winning their leagues! The respective non-profits they have choosen to donate money to are: Bridgeway House, Eugene Springfield Orchestras and JOY International.

See you all again on our second annual St. Patrick’s week tournament!

Go Local Volleyball Tournament Group Picture

Go Local Volleyball Tournament Group Picture

Winners for the Shamrock League: Big Hero 6

Winners for the Shamrock League: Big Hero 6 (Justin Hornsby, Blake Nelson, Henry Fowler, Kailyn Hellwege, Kyle England, Kelsey Chan)

Winners of the Pot of Gold League: Rebels: (Luke Dunigan, Brittany Deal, Chelsea M., Nick Contreras, Gavin Rodgers, Clay Frederick)

Winners of the Pot of Gold League: Rebels: (Luke Dunigan, Brittany Deal, Chelsea M., Nick Contreras, Gavin Rodgers, Clay Frederick)

Winners of the Lucky Charm League: Green with Envy (Josh Scott, Caleb Scott, Nickelle Raschick, Joe Haffey, Josh Henle, Katie Henle)

Winners of the Lucky Charm League: Green with Envy (Josh Scott, Caleb Scott, Nickelle Raschick, Joe Haffey, Josh Henle, Katie Henle)

Best Announcers League!

Best Announcers League!

Summer's handmade schedule and score charts

Summer’s handmade schedule and score charts.

 You know you want to see more pictures!



T-shirts, lunch and snacks can be purchased right here. Show your emailed receipt at the concession stand and you’re good to go! There is a minimum order of $5 for online purchases. Get Lucky t-shirts are on backorder. We’ll get them to you by end of the month.



    Concession is closed!


    Concession is closed!


    Concession is closed!


    Saturday 3/17/2018, 9 AM – 5 PM.


    • 8:00 AM – Coordinators and volunteers meeting
    • 8:30 AM – Player warm up
    • 8:40 AM – Captains Meeting at the north east corner of the gym
    • 8:50 AM – Welcoming message & general information
    • 9:00 AM – Pool plays start
    • 11:30 AM – League plays start
    • 4:50 PM – Awards
    • 5:00 PM – Help tear down and clean up


    New Hope Christian College
    2155 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405

    Getting to NHCC’s Rexius Event Center (REC) can be confusing. The easiest way is to look for the two round buildings. REC is between them. Click the following images to view a larger version.

    From Bailey Hill Rd, turn south on Warren St.

    From Warren St., turn into campus and wind left,

    Main entrance to campus.

    Rexius Event Center is between the two round buildings.

    Walk down the left path to the main entrance.

    Rexius Event Center main entrance.

    Doors to the gym.






    We’ll have 10 co-ed teams of 6s. Each team can have up to 4 players of the same gender. A player can be on one team in the tournament.

    1. Amazing Ace: Ashlea Simons, Nathan Straton, Caitlyn Pope, Karmyn Mckee, TJ Robinson, Mike Schellenberg.
    2. Balls of Fury: Ashley Furrer, Jason McCawley, Mike’l Andreasen, Bobbi Carlson, Patrick Pierson, Sarah Schmidt.
    3. Zero Lucks Given: Aaron Boykin, Andrew Given, Wesley Bauer, Lori Lee, Hector Escobar, Brittney Nicole
    4. Rebels: Luke Dunigan, Brittany Deal, Chelsea M., Nick Contreras, Gavin Rodgers, Clay Frederick.
    5. Big Hero 6: Justin Hornsby, Blake Nelson, Henry Fowler, Kailyn Hellwege, Kyle England, Kelsey Chan.
    6. Shamblocks: Ryan Moser,  Sky Moskowitz, Raeann, Kelly Geiffin, Megan Schendel, KelCee Hallstrom.
    7. Green with Envy:  Josh Scott, Caleb Scott, Nickelle Raschick, Joe Haffey, Josh Henle, Katie Henle.
    8. Courtside Shenanigans: Catrina Mathewson, Andie Favret, Christoper Summers, Nicholas Gallegos, Brandon Trimnell, Deserae Maxwell.
    9. Irish I Had a Beer: Jessica Ballestrazze, Nick Ballestrazze, Eric Downes, Hope Birrell, Jake Mayden, Tonni Willis.
    10. Whiskey Business: Martina Ferrari, Rey Morales, Jason Martorano, Jen Meyer, Lindsay Miller, Byron Molyneaux.

    Tournament Format

    Due to the 80% of teams wanting to be in the competitive league, we made some changes to accommodate. In the morning, we’ll have pool play to determine which league each team will playing in the afternoon.

    Pool play starts promptly at 9 AM on both courts. Afternoon leagues will start at 11:30 AM. The total points earned during pool play by each team will determine which league they play in. Pools or leagues with 3 teams will play another team from the other 3-team league or pool. Total scores are reset at the start of league play.

    Pool and Leagues

    Pool Play


    Click on the image to see updated scores and rankings during the tournament.

    Tournament Schedule


    Due to the 80% of teams wanting to be in the competitive league, we made some changes to accommodate.

    A pool play game lasts 13 minutes or until the first team reaches 15 points. A league match consists of two sets played for 37 minutes total. First team to reach 25 points (must win by 2) wins that set. Rally scoring is used.

    Co-ed one touch by a female rule applies. Net will be co-ed men’s height. Teams earn points for each game. We will keep running total. Teams with the most points from each league will be the winners. In the event of a tie, we go by the head-to-head match scores to break the tie.

    We are using the city of Eugene volleyball rules. The only exceptions are no need for alternating male & females and a guy can’t come from back row to block when there are two females in front row.


    • Cost: $15/player
    • Registration has three steps: create an account on Go Local, RSVP and buying the actual ticket when we reach 60 RSVPs.
      1. Creating an account – If you don’t already have an account on here, creating one is quick and simple. Click on the register link at the top and connect using your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter login.
      2. RSVP – You can RSVP at the bottom of this page by entering the information in the RSVP section (right after the “Who’s Attending” section. Include the necessary information; if you don’t have a team yet, enter “Free Agent.” Your RSVP ticket helps us track who is going to be on what team and which league. We need a total of 60 RSVPs by 3/13 to hold the event.
      3. Buy your ticket at the bottom of this page in the Ticket section. Please review our Terms before making the purchase. If the player is younger than 18 (minor), a parent or guardian has to make the ticket purchase for the minor and enter the minor’s name in “Order Note” section during the checkout process.


    The profit from entry fees will be donated to charity. Each team will get to pick a charity to donate to. The charities that will receive the donation will be the ones picked by the two winning teams. In addition, I will also help fund the concession stand and contribute the profit there to help 5 college students with their fundraising.


    Your help is needed to get prizes! If you have connections with other local businesses and can help get us prizes, that would be fabulous! Remember, we are all winners! The best prizes are the fun we’ll have and the time to socialize with each other while making a difference in our communities. We do have additional prizes for specific winners:

    • Winners of each league will get prizes and the opportunity to choose a charity for our donation.
    • Best St. Patrick’s Day Costume Team gets to choose from fun prizes!


    When your teams are is playing next, you’ll get to select the best person to help ref. Please let us know who those people are ahead of time.

    Coordinators & Volunteers

    We need volunteers to help with setup and tear down, score keeping, concessions, etc. Those who an help with setup, we’ll meet at 8 AM at the gym.

    Coordinatiors: Jesus, Tony, Summer and Thomas

    Jesus, Tony, Summer and Thomas

    Information and Merchandising

    • Summer – Coordinator
    • Shannon – Assistant

    Referee Management

    • Jesus – Coordinator
    • Clay – Assistant

    Team Management

    • Tony – Coordinator
    • Joe – Assistant

    Score Updates

    • Thomas – Coordinator
    • Tom – Assistant
    • Hong (after 12 PM) – Assistant


    • Sky – Coordinator
    • Sam & Josh (a few hours) – Assistant

    Food & Beverages

    Food and beverages will be provided at the concession stand just outside the gym. You can order on this page or pay in cash.


      The t-shirts won’t arrive on time for the event. ETA to have them to you would be by 4/1 or earlier.


      Thank you to all of you for making our community a fun place to play and get to know one another. Huge shout-outs to Anthony Realmuto and Summer Richardson for their leadership for this tournament. High fives to other leaders whose advice made this project possible: Aaron Boykin, Clay Frederick, Tom Hahn, Ryan Moser and Jesus Rios.

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      1. Sky Ann Moskowitz

        Hey y’all! There will be a sandwich lunch option at the concessions during lunch for sure. I am still working on what else will be there aside from water and Gatorade, chips and candy bars. I’m working on maybe some fruit, trail mix and granola bars options 🙂